Anti-hail protection - Hail storms detection

Anti-hail protection of your crops :

Hailstones are very dangerous for your crops or greenhouses? You already had big damages because of hail? With our weather radar SkyDetect, your cultures are under surveillance! Our system analyses the sky permanently within a radius of 30km and warns you by sending a SMS on your cell phones. Our device is also able to launch automatically your anti-hail protection systems using G.S.M or radio modem.

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To make distinction with anti-hail nets, weather radar with hail protection devices do not need any handlig and it doesn't entail any decrease of sun rays on your cultures. In several countries (for instance: Mexico) you can be granted for buying an anti-hail protection with weather radar (Mexican subsidy: Alianza para el campo)

Instinctive estimation of clouds is replaced by precise meteorological information. Our weather radar warns you only if there is a risk of hail falls. Furthermore, if a hailstorm or dangerous clouds comes and goes through your farm when you're absent, our software SkyDetect can activate automatically your anti-hail systems (night and day) or just send you a message on your cellphone.

Example of radar installation + hail protection by guns :
1 meteorological radar SKD4KW + 5 antihail guns on 3 different farms

Hail protection for your car fleets:

Your are a car factory risk manager and a part of your job is to protect and prevent risk about car bodies damages due to hailstones?
You have several thousand cars parked in a same place?
A hail thunderstorm can damaged all your vehicles because of the impact of grains and consequences can be quoted in millions of dollars.

With our weather radar SkyDetect, sky is under surveillance permanently and your anti-hail protection devices can be automatically activated as soon as there is a hail risk in clouds trough GSM or radio communication.

Anti-hail protection of your solar panels fields:

Do you install solar panels fields ? Our meteorological equipment can remotely pilot equipments of protection or engines which make solar panels rotate and turn them in a way that the hail is not able to damage them.


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